The Jazz of Science

To say that I am jazzed about our newest endeavor is a gross understatement. You see, I'm an artist, but I've always just seen that as the medium. I think I'm really a scientist somewhere deep inside, but my utter lack of talent at math has destined me to remain Earth-bound instead of pursuing my secret childhood dream of being the first dancing astronaut. So while I still imagine getting into zero-G someday (believe me, I have a long list of things I need to do up there already), I've so far had to be content with spending my life just being an avid fan from afar. Hey, I've got an overhead projector and a piece of aluminum foil with pin-holes punched in it. I can make star fields when I need to, but I can't dispense with gravity.

But now, we have instigated the idea of The Invisible Jazz Labs. And here we are, John and I and our fellow artists jazzing with real science as the real scientists discern the science within the jazz. We're creating and exploring ideas alongside those from Carnegie Mellon University who teach and investigate the laws that govern physics. We get to physicalize and illustrate invisible interactions and make music to forces. Superseding any restraints either field might encounter on their own, we venture forth together into new ideas and expressions unattainable independently.

Ah, my scientific heart has finally found a way into Space... even if it's technically just Upstairs.

Take that, math!

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