A Pocket in Paris

From a continent away we caught rumor of our own ripple, and continued it in the wave to other points unknown from bridge Pont St. Louis behind Notre Dame. Accompanied by La Vie en Rose (for hours) on accordion, and by various international artists who cycle through this particular street's venue, Pearl, Megan, Delaney and myself spent the weekend afternoon in physical echoes of their musical influence. And we were accompanied as well, in turn, by partners from the public who stepped into this echo with us, tagging-on to our entrain and offering us another lesson.

When it's just us, we can permit our chain to shift at times, 180 degrees, so that the tail becomes the head and new lead. But when we turn to find unexpected faces in the ranks--suddenly bestowed with that task--there's no time to explain to make them comfortable being entrusted with the leadership role over a string of dancers they can't see. And because we value the mischief of participants sneaking in behind us, we decided: better to suspend the switch than surprise the innocent. Every performance is a new lesson: how to be more open, more inviting, more clear.

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