Turned out, Empty Pockets

There's little worse as a dancer than not knowing if your partner 'has you'. Today none of us knew how to tow the line against the consequence of forthcoming downpours. Chalk gets obliterated, dancers get sick, and no one wants to hear some sad cat of a violin in the rain. The last Pocket is postponed then... till post-Paris.

Though now, considering, we might just come up with performances requiring the rain.

The project deserves that integrity, where purpose occupies the forefront in design. The fact that the rain is not a welcome partner to us now--or that any inclemency could forbear us--is profitable evidence of room for growth.

For now we'll sit home and dream how we'll partner with thunder someday, take the lightning as direction. Yeah, collaboration on level with the sky.

More Pockets to come.

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