Puddles of Color and Time

We really looked forward to the reprise of "In Circles", like having gotten to know an adversary well before a fight. This state of near stillness requires a slow, leaking hiss of attention. So, pinching the air in a readied pose, you blow a suspended kiss goodbye to 'time' as an objective quantity, and let the ripples of rainbows recede away--in this case, across the confluence at Gateway Four.

Everyone can appreciate time as an investment. Today our choice of investiture was gestures whose evidence remained in chromatic stains on the ground, the visible pulses of one private experience of duration. I wouldn't expect the public to note it, but they marched upon the echoes of us, as on the long hem of a dress as we danced as if invisibly. A cyclist who rode through the rings called it 'Gravity', as though the dancers were anchors to that force. And while I'd been thinking: who could help but think of candy and raindrops, seeing it at a glance. And wonder why statues would be standing in the midst of it.

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