The Ripple Effect

We never stop learning in Pockets--inner clarity, outward focus, the dynamic at play we call 'red'. Being viewed from all directions requires a constant choice-making presence, while today's Pocket, "A Ripple In Time" strung along an alley, viewable only by end-long comings and goings, required a focus in entirely one facing direction. It's almost meditative -- to both perform and watch -- and doesn't tax the mind in the same way as constantly swimming a 360-pool of possibility and attention. Jumping in (at one end) is easy also. Once again, those surprised to find a Pocket were surprised also to realize they could be a part of it.

The performers created one long, unbroken sight-line, focusing on revealing simple, unlikely order amid the casual chaos of the city. With the absence of the chalk we usually use to document time, no one had any indication of how long the Pocket had lasted beyond their own experience of it. It was like having an etch-a-sketch audience, every wave a completely new ripple in time.

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