The Idea of Being Free

The dancers of the "Free/Fall" work today deserved congratulations all around, for their trust. Dance is safe on a stage, in its home, with the audience primed and paying.

There's no safety net on the street, in the open theatre where everyone's on the stage with you, as you are--not playing a part, just diligently being an open version of you. And the audience, openly being themselves, joined in the art today where Fifth meets Liberty, aware of no reason for pretense on a street corner. People make-up their own minds what to consider as 'art' when the answer isn't dictated to them.

Without expectation of applause, and without protocols for behavior or guarantees of courtesy, the dancers spent four hours in a striving sculpture of trust, extended as a gift. If you're genuine, you find the gift reflected. We saw integrity today, saw its mirror up close in an audience that couldn't get any closer than the hands they reached into the slow sculpture of dancers, laughing while lending supports, surprise blooming on their faces at being permitted to share the human weight.

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