Dirty Alley Pocket

​The day began with reading the shredded propaganda on the wall as we Lysol-ed the length of said wall chosen as our performance site in Strawberry way. "A Meeting Downtown" is a chalked meeting of perhaps the two most highly skilled durational-movement artists, Taylor Knight and Anna Thompson (aka: slowdanger). The actual "meeting" was set to happen in a doorway between them, twenty feet and two hours away. Thereafter, a two hour departure would follow, each in the other's path.

Their slow-motion rendezvous, pursued throughout in chalked designs, drew the now most familiar of questions: 'What is this?' I think many answers in my mind before answering in the literal. This is endurance dance, it's patience. It looks painful? Yes, mostly later. Are they on drugs? No, it's not drugs, drugs would be too easy. If it looks like a trance, perhaps diligence is a trance. A meditation? Sure, why not. It's the opportunity for questions to be asked. It takes a long time now, but it's gone by tomorrow. What's it for? For the soul. Whose soul? There's more than one..?

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