Wet Pockets

Another day of scuppered expectations and shifting plans, with the result of more creative outcomes than plans alone had promised with "A "Pocket of Jazz", which was intended to be a good-ol'-fashioned jazz on the streets, as we have done so many times before around the world. When the first site proved ill-suited to our purposes, the performance was easily relocated to one of the city's new bike racks, which instantly played the part of both drum kit rack and integral percussion for PJ Roduta.

*side note: PJ can turn anything into a percussion instrument. He could play the tag in your hat... we've seen it!

Despite the wind and rain and passing roar of busses, he played his sticks to shrapnel while Zek and Troy put their years of dance theatre training to task for a four corners audience on Penn Avenue.

We owe a miscreant note of thanks to sculptor Brett Yasko, and to the Cultural Trust's support of the bike rack project downtown, for (inadvertently) providing a dynamic forum for a stripped-down drum solo on tom and cowbell. Perhaps someday we'll find a weather app to thank as well, granted we can find one with predictions worth consulting. Till then we'll dispense with our parents' old injunctions, and continue to play on in the rain.

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