"...like the rings of a tree"

Levels of lessons in patience today with the Thought Pocket "In Circles". Nature made nesting dolls of the fact.

We waited on the rain to end so we could begin making rings of our own with dancers as the impact points instead. Many throughout the day repeated the query "What is this?", including concerned security personnel for the building nearby. "It's the exercise of patience, of endurance, and personal focus outside of time," we explained. Perhaps odd pursuits for public display, but the public was pleasantly accepting, and we were permitted to continue in the interim between occasions of afternoon rain.

Just as slowing one's mind will find reflection in the body, simply slowing one's movements changes the tempo of the mind till your connection with the objective passage of time dissolves. Thoughts replace the seconds' tick, and your psyche becomes the timepiece, your feelings the authority reference. This phenomenon was the art on display today, as illustrated by the rings accruing where the dancers slowly flourished. At least, until those rings were washed away in the pursuant waves of rain.

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