A Patient Ripple

Dance is used to being separated from the witness and vice versa. That little invisible bubble of space that just forms and makes it understood that dance "gets space" to distinguish the dancers from the non.

But what happens when that space is removed all together? When nobody is an audience? Nobody a performer? We're all just people out here doing something different, going about different things with different intents, but being... honest. And open. And together.

Dance you can walk around or through or along side of... this is what intrigues me. Dance as a common thing and not something requiring a ticket or fancy dress clothes to go see. Something that doesn't require years of training to get close to, or stand next to; An everyday occurrence just a part of your regular experience. Dance happening like anything else. Today's "A Ripple in Time" work on Strawberry Way (my personal favorite nook in all of Downtown Pittsburgh) was just that.

And I think that's pretty extraordinary.

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