Learning to be Free and Fall

If an adversary can be conceived of as one's partner in a dance, then the partner to

today's premier of Pockets was the rain--you can't always choose your partner. But the dancers creating the debut of Thought Pockets with "Free/Fall" turned their faces to the sky and didn't flinch; slow as statues, they extended open palms and engaged with bliss.

The sandwich board played shelter to a huddled brood of shoes, as the barefoot six made a shallow proscenium of the sidewalk facing the Benedum on Seventh Street. Today their partner was more compassionate than the weather as predicted, and a transient audience was bemused to pause and watch a bit before moving on. But storms remain the forecast for much of the nine days yet to come. Every production has its challenges, and every partner their peculiarities. We'll have to keep working-out new plans for accommodating this partner that soaks you to the bone.

#ThoughtPockets #Pittsburgh #Dance #Postjazz #Improvisation #Downtown #EllipsesCondition

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