Time and Duration

Working on the concepts of Thought Pockets brings us back to our everyday perceptions of time and extended duration... both of which are personal [artistic] obsessions of mine. It's experiencing a piece long after the performer is gone, filling in the blanks of what must have occurred before you encountered it, where it's going and how long it will endure after you leave.

This morning we created a mini-Pocket in the alley way outside of our place in The Strip District, preparing for the poster of Thought Pockets (to be created this weekend). John was very patient and spent his morning laying around as I did all the work. Aaron Jackendoff took his time getting to the alley to shoot the moment, all which was very fitting. But even as we finished, the Thought remains, the color impression of a man once on the ground, still but in lined-motion, showing the duration of his stay... at least until it rains.

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