photography by Pearlann Porter

Poetry Night at The Space Upstairs

:a new monthly workshop and open -mic series for the cultivation, creation and sharing of our words



6pm-8:30-ish  |  $5 suggested 


: a workshop or studio; a place of guided experimentation and shared work

Organized by John, this series is a sharing of writings and writing processes, with writers invited to workshop their shared submissions and experiment together in invented group exercises before the free open readings occurring at the end of the evening.  


We offer the quality climate of a respectful forum for the assessment of written work, with practical discussions on improving craft, and the opportunity for hearing personal works read aloud by fresh voices.


*This project is funded by The Heinz Endowments Small Arts Initiative 

The Poetry Atelier

photography by Aaron Jackendoff

Thought Pockets

: a pop-up public performance series playing with time, patience and speed occurring in contrast amid the common pedestrian experience

NEXT POCKET TBA  |  Downtown Pittsburgh


Thought Pockets are ideas in the public just waiting to be found. Ideas that anyone can walk up to, over, around, through--that they may experience, or pass by.  


The Pockets are durational performance-installations in vulnerability, chalking the passage of time, expressing the beauty of the otherwise common locations, creating a moment of dance outside of the normal pace of the city in a truly unexpected way; 


The Thought Pockets project is supported by 

The Opportunity Fund and several Anonymous donors

The Sessions Upstairs

:a new improvisational series at The Space Upstairs where musicians, movers, and poets converse and create out lound in the jazz

NEXT SESSIONS TBA  |  The Space Upstairs


Born of the decade-long Second Saturdays jazz-happening series, Sessions is our ongoing new performance concept that brings risk and vulnerability - for both artists and audience - to the forefront.


Audiences may watch the physical, rhythmic, and spoken conversations unfold in the confession of process as invite some of our favorite musicians and dancers to openly workshop ideas and create together in the moment.  Share up-close in our living room-like setting this most intimate reveal of the underpinnings of why and how our jazz is born.


*This project was funded by The Heinz Endowments Small Arts Initiative 

photography by Samuel Scanlon

The Invisible Jazz Labs

:where scientists and artists combine in an improvised lecture series playing the science of jazz and the jazz of science


NEXT LAB TBA  |  The Space Upstairs

These Jazz Labs are our continuing series that blend scientists with improvisational artists from The Space Upstairs in an intimate lounge setting of performance lectures.  These informal experiments invite everyone to witness the jazz of an idea unfolding as artists and scientists improvise together to articulate and play with otherwise "invisible" concepts.  Scientists are ‘set free’ to expound on compelling topics while interacting with and interpreted by mixed-medium artists sharing in our expression of discovery.  


Join us as we explore for the proof that 'the jazz' is implicit in all things… especially in that which is invisible.

*This project was funded by The Heinz Endowments Small Arts Initiative