The Ellipses Condition is...

the partnered artistry of Pearlann Porter and John Lambert, sharing a commitment to the authentic translation of their inner thoughts and emotions into dance, music and words. Their improvisitions blur the dynamics between movement, musicality and poetry, embodying the philosophy of jazz as a verb lived in every aspect of being. Collaboratively they cultivate new audio/physical relationships, lending living bodies to intangible conversations.


Porter has been the Founding Artistic Director of The Pillow Project and a professor of improvisational dance at Point Park University for the past thirteen years.  Lambert has been a professional musician and performing poet in New Orleans and Pittsburgh for over a decade. Together they co-curate and direct The Space Upstairs as lead Resident Artists with a combined 20+ years of experience both locally and internationally creating spontaneous performances, installations and intensive improvisational studies.


"...sensual and, indeed, vulnerable, like watching two lovers figuratively and literally overcome the boundaries between them until they uncovered the other’s unguarded spirit."

- Sara Bauknecht , Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“We are inspired by the randomness, by the unapologetic chaos, by the self-inflicted undoings and ideas that keep us awake at night. Our play with each other is a jazzed unknown, a vivid poetry freely shared and naked for all to hear, a love sewn together in the ancient way.


“While we have our own relationships with our ideas, we fully intend for them to be transposed through the experiences of those who witness. And it is through others’ interpretation by which our expressions become [...].“

                                     - John and Pearl


photography by Cassie Kay Rusnak